NEW AWARD! Nassau County Design-Build Criteria Package for Fire Station #71

RAM is pleased to provide professional consultant services to Nassau County for preparation of a design-build criteria package for the Nassau County Fire Station #71 located on Chester Road just north of Heron Isles Parkway. The services consist of preparation of a narrative description of the project; architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, landscape architecture, and site lighting through 35% design development; site/civil plans to 90% design development to allow for submittal of a St. Johns River Water Management (SJRWMD) Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) application; and applicable discipline specifications to allow contractors to provide comparable bid proposals for the final design and construction of proposed Fire Station #71. Services include evaluation of submitted bids, attendance at shortlist presentations, and recommendations for award to Nassau County.  

For more information on the Nassau County Fire Rescue Department, please visit their website at: